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Sunrise Point, Mt. Rainier | by Thomas Franta


Oh gawd… this is a tough one to choose between…..

No its not.





This isn’t government. This is the Ferguson, MO police department. If you’re arming yourself because you’re afraid of these guys, then by all means keep arming yourself. But if you are arming yourself because of a boogie man who’s hiding under your bed waiting to take away your guns, please see a psychiatrist.

"The police department isn’t government"
What’s it like in that fantasy world you live in?

NO ONE is asking anyone to turn in guns. Another big conservative lie.

California Gun Confiscation Bill Passes, Approves $24 Million To Expedite Illegal Gun Seizure
What’s it like in that fantasy world you live in?

youve got to be shit for brains stupid if you dont think “ferguson” and “government” are the same thing… I also strongly advise you to be careful about your obvious bias and condescension towards people who have mental illness; “see a psychiatrist” is a phrase that promotes stigma and belittles those who actually do have mental illness, such as depression and anxiety. As someone who works in counseling and mental health, you disgust me… its a wonder that the social justice side of tumblr hasn’t torn your ass to shreds, but given your obvious liberal leanings, it is understandable that they would overlook such discrepancies as long as you continue to march to their beat. the irony is your statement is simply ridiculous; as if it is perfectly rational to own guns and arm yourself for ferguson, but it is irrational to do the same for another city. I have news for you, dipshit. no one had heard of ferguson until they did that. just like no one hears of any other city until something big happens… the fact is, the government will always protect itself at the expense of its civilians. i have a news flash for you. the governement has been providing military equiptment, sometimes for free, to police departments across the nation. ferguson is a prime example of that. and yes- politicians such as senator fienstien of california DO want guns to be out of the hands of law abiding civilians;  and in the same breath, she is completely ok with arming her states police force with military equipment:  M16 rifles, helicopters, microwaves, survival kits, workout equipment, bayonet knives, ammunition cans and more – the LA sheriff’s office snaps up an average of $4 million to $5 million in surplus military equipment annually. ”police chief magazine" proudly states that " During the last four years California has saved more than $3.5 million purchasing products through the 1122 program [military surplus program] rather than buying the products at retail prices. Law enforcement agencies can sign up for the program by going to and clicking the Section 1033 and Section 1122 links.
Dont try telling me that THIS ISNT GOVERMENT, THIS IS FERGUSON. that is FALSE.  President obama was correct when, during the 2012 romney/obama debate he said that the US military has fewer bayonets now that ever;  what he didnt say, was that the reason for that is because the GOVERNMENT was giving them to your local beat cop…  
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No bells, no whistles, K.I.S.S means rounds on target when the SHTF.

Honda Bike: Dubai

One year.
525,600 minutes.
525,000 moments so dear.
Probably the most amazing gif I have ever seen.
This is beyond perfect.