My American Dream

This blog is about what I want my american dream to consist of...basically the shit i want.

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I see London.
I see France.
I checked,
and verified for brass.

Harley-Davidson bobber

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Mind blown

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SPECIAL RUN Elcan Specrte DR from Molon Labe Industries with Chevron Reticles.
Centurion Arms Modular Rail, 14”
SureFire, LLC SOCOM Suppressor Mount
Magpul Industries Corp. MBUS Pro, Melonited Steel front sight
Magpul K2 Grip
Magpul MOE Stock
Magpul Windowed M3 PMAG

Craftsman style entry in Austin, TX. Kolbe Windows & Doors.

bedroom by Cathy Morehead

S&W 500 by The Alaska Life

by @zevtech 

#glock #glockworx #zev #zevtech #ztdl #glockporn #gunporn Custom @zevtech #g26 we did for @danbilzerian , ghosted digi #dlc fluted and ported barrel coated in #ZTGRAY ZT combat sights with fiber front Fulcrum Tactical trigger

Smith & Wesson M&P.
This pistol has superior ergonomics to the Glock.  Look at the gentle palm swell; it fits the hand very well.  However, I’ve found that it has a heavier, mushier trigger.  I shoot my Glocks slightly better than the M&P, even if the M&P points better, probably due to the spongy trigger.
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exterior by Gaulhofer Windows